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a flour minute

take me to the ends of this earth

and in just one glance i’ll swim double the distance

you can make origami from the skin i pinch when i think no one’s looking

but handle me carefully.

i am warm laundry, soft pastry in your hands and a touch can become heavy kneading

heavy breathing


your shoulders are shaking

the room is reverberating

and at night you try to stifle your cries


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10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online


Are you an aspiring writer who would love to take some university courses on writing, but don’t have the money to spend on classes?

Well don’t fear.  Here is a list of ten universities who are offering free online writing courses to anyone who wants to through a program called the OpenCourseWare Initiative.

Though on their own they won’t give you any official credits, the courses offered are quite in-depth, some taking up to sixteen weeks to complete and are comparable to the classes one would take in a professional writing degree program.

If you go to the link above, you’ll get more detailed links on these writing courses.  Listed below are the universities offering the free writing courses:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (
  • Utah State University (
  • Open University (
  • University of Utah (
  • University of Massachusetts Boston (
  • Purdue University (
  • Steven Barnes’ UCLA Writing Course (
  • News University (
  • E-Zine University (
  • Wikiversity (


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raindrop reminiscing

I wake to the pitter-patter of rain on my window

Breaking mumbled news to it’s lover

But you left no note, no answer, 

only your scent wrapped around my sheets and in my hair;

And as the rain grows faster, more aggressive, more angry

I remember my…

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constellations and fires

the rain is soft on my window

my fingertips trace the raindrops as my tired eyes watch the sunrise

i remember the night we spent counting hurricanes in between our fingertips

i still remember the taste of your lips

and how i was certain heaven had…

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five days

Day 1

I told you that every cigarette you lit wouldn’t bring her back, but the empty packets discarded on your floor grew until I couldn’t help tripping over the ghosts of what you want and what she wanted.

Day 2

You drowned your sorrows in shitty beer…

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Day 1

I told you that every cigarette you lit wouldn’t bring her back, but the empty packets discarded on your floor grew until I couldn’t help tripping over the ghosts of what you want and what she wanted.

Day 2

You drowned your sorrows in shitty beer and shitty music that blasted round your whole apartment and the couple next door complained but you didn’t care. ‘Everything’s so shitty,’ you told me. You locked the door and drew the blinds and smoked until your eyes stung.

Day 3

You pushed everyone away because they reminded you of her even the girl that smiled at you on the bus had her smile, or maybe that was another excuse you told yourself at the end of every day.

Day 4

You quit college so you didn’t have to see her face despite your friends telling you that avoiding the problem never works as eventually you have to face it again.

Day 5

She phoned you at 5 a.m telling you she’s sorry. SO sorry, about everything. I don’t know why you went back after everything she did to you, but at least you don’t smoke or drink half as much now.


this is for the boy who can’t sleep at night because the ghosts are haunting his dreams

the one who can’t think of anything when the deep dark panic sets in

you want to concentrate but you can’t and sleep is not an option when your thoughts are like razor blades in your sides

but every morning when you wake up look at the sun in the sky and remember how it rises every day without fail

and you should do the same


I remember the scent of your body pressed close to mine as we spun and danced and laughed.

I remember feeling your contagious smile light up the room like the neon disco lights.

I remember the feeling of your hand in mind, soft, warm, safe

Nothing tastes as good as home but the sound of your footsteps just might change my mind.


Well are you?


Well are you?

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